About Festival 2018

One of the priorities of Marián Chudovský after he assumed the post of the Director General of the Slovak National Theatre in June 2012, was to launch a tradition of hosting an international festival that would serve as the platform for new inspirations, artistic confrontations and friendly encounters. “In the past, our prime scene used to host the drama festival Eurothalia and two editions of the International Festival of Music Theatre. They all had their raison d’ȇtre, enjoyed success and wide response.We decided to follow from them with the International Festival Eurokontext.sk 2014 in order to advance the good and useful, but methodically and with a clear vision. After the pilot edition I am pleased to say, also judging from the international and local reception, that we have brought something new and inspiring to the mao of European theatre and have defined theatre contexts. We intend to carry on the spirit,” the SND Director General Marián Chudovský shared his expectations after the pilot edition.

Within the context of international theatre festivals, the SND International Theatre Festival Eurokontext.sk aims to become one of the largest of the kind not merely in Slovakia, but further afield.
The festival is held under the umbrella of the oldest professional theatre in Slovakia, the Slovak National Theatre and is a biennial event, alternating drama with musical–dramatic and dance theatre.