Il trittico : Suor Angelica, Il tabarro, Gianni Schicchi

The Slovak National Theatre

About performance

One-act operas often find themselves in the "second-line" of our interest. After all – the smaller time footprint at their disposal can become the reason that they don’t feature dramatic storylines with a more serious scopes and messages. What's more, shorter operas should be connected to each other to create an entire opera evening. This is not a simple matter, being that the nature of each work – be it in terms of content or musical style is quite specific and linking two or more operas in one evening can become counterproductive. Thankfully there are exceptions: the sibling relationship between Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana and Leoncavallo’s Pagliacci (which are actually two-act works, but not full-length), i.e. works that are commonly premiered and listed together. And another one of the exceptions is the Puccini trio of one-act operas forming Il trittico. Puccini merges them together in his veristic, unmistakable compositional language and the composer’s unerring musical-dramatic intuition. It is thanks to this that all the preludes that inspired him acquire a deeper meaning, built on the phenomenal musical reflection of the characters and the relationships between them. To all this is added to by the refreshing genre contrast between these parts: when we first - Il tabarro - takes us into the world of the poor boatmen at the Paris Seine a tragic story of brutal murder out of jealousy plays out, in the second (Suor Angelica) audiences are led between the walls of a monastic cloister, within which a young noblewoman and the mother of an illegitimate child battle. The third piece - Gianni Schicchi –is the comical story of a dying wealthy gentleman around whom a vortex of heritage of entitled relatives spins.

Running time: 3 hrs 45 mins with two intervals

Production team

Author Giacomo Puccini
Musical preparation Rastislav Štúr
Conductor Rastislav Štúr, Martin Leginus
Directed by Roman Polák
Set design Pavel Borák
Costume design Peter Čanecký
Chorusmaster Pavel Procházka


Sister Angelika Eva Hornyáková, Mária Porubčinová, Linda Ballová
Princess Jitka Sapara-Fischerová, Denisa Šlepkovská
Mother Paulína Hríbová, Margot Kobzová
Sister (a guard) Katarína Flórová, Michaela Šebestová
Sister Genovieffa Adriana Banásová, Andrea Vizvári,
Teacher Andrea Hulecová
Sister Osmina Daria Ďurišová
Sister Dolcina Kateřina Killarová, Monika Kyšková
Michele Daniel Čapkovič, Sergej Tolstov, Michele Kalmandi
Luigi Miroslav Dvorský, Boldizsár László
Giorgetta Adriana Kohútková, Eliška Weisová
Frugola Monika Fabianová, Denisa Hamarová
Talpa Ján Ďurčo, Roman Krško
Tinca Ján Babjak, Martin Gyimesi
Gianni Schicchi Gustáv Beláček, Ján Ďurčo
Lauretta Eva Hornyáková, Katarína Juhásová-Štúrová, Orsolya Sáfár
Rinuccio Tomáš Juhás, Maksym Kutsenko
Zita Jitka Sapara-Fischerová, Denisa Šlepkovská
Betto Juraj Peter, Boris Prýgl
Simone Ján Galla, Martin Malachovský
Gherardo Ján Babjak, Martin Gyimesi
Nella Veronika Mihálková, Eva Rampáčková, Adriana Banásová
Marco Roman Krško, Marek Pobuda
Ciesca Denisa Hamarová, Alena Kropáčková

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